General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Policy and Process


  1. The Cromarty Allotment and Garden Society (CAGS) holds limited information on its members, restricted to name, address and postcode, email address if offered and telephone number if offered. In addition we hold email addresses for those who share plots with members, if requested.
  2. This information is held only to enable CAGS to carry out membership purposes: communicate information on meetings, events of interest, warning of pests and other such communications in line with our constitution.
  3. This information is taken from membership application forms, using the details offered by members. When membership is given up, all membership information is deleted. If an email recipient no longer wishes to receive email, their email address will be deleted from the membership records.
  4. The membership list is held as a computer file on CAGS website.
  5. The list is held in a hidden file, protected by password access, and only available to members of the committee.
  6. Any member – or email recipient – can on request to the secretary or committee receive a copy of the information we hold on them. Any requests for a subject access request will be recorded in a log held on the website.
  7. Any member – or email recipient – can request that their information is deleted or amended. If all contact information is deleted for a member, that will lead to their removal as a member, and a plot holder if applicable.
  8. All membership communication via email will be blind copy emails, to ensure emails addresses are not shared between members. 
  9. Information is not shared with any third party
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